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OKAY! I’m going to be lazy because this is from my Facebook originally. But this is appropriate here, and this is my space.. so bugger off!

I know I haven’t posted much. So here’s the summary:

  1. Mom finished moving from one storage unit to another, and the new one is closer and the same size but only a vanful of boxes, which is a huge feat for her. THANK YOU to Eddie, Amanda and Fermin for your help. And also to Trey, that is now taller than me and gets to do all kinds of chores now (especially when he’s not turning in classwork and had Thanksgiving break)!
  2. Studying for the last days of Chemistry. I really do enjoy Chemistry. I love understanding our existence and how stuff works really… Learning this time around was SO different than in high school. I don’t know if it is because it is General Chemistry, my maturity/state of mind, or both. But it really is eye-opening how everything works and why. We have our last exam on Tuesday, an overall review lecture on Thursday, and our Final Exam the next Tuesday. Wow! Cannot believe this is it! This was also my favorite class as far as classmates goes in college. Everyone was very intelligent and helpful. I’ll miss this Lab!
  3. Eurcynia, my mage, hit level 100 in Wowcraft! I was going to put off playing the expansion but I couldn’t help myself. It really does feel nice to just play. I asked Chris earlier today if it bothered him when I play (he never complains) and he said of course not. He encourages I do what I want to do. I told him I cannot help but carry this GUILT for playing when he’s not. It is SO HARD to shake guilt. I never noticed it was so bad because we could always play together. Crazy what past experiences do to you.
  4. We bought igloos for the dogs, I guess they’re more properly known as “Indigo” because of some copyright thing. Anyway, it should be great shelter for all of them when it is cold or misty out (rain this week!), but I’ll bet they’ll just cram in the old dog house or against the garage’s door
  5. Split a Tan & White ice cream from the Dewar’s drive-thru with the boys. SO GOOD. SO GLAD I didn’t eat it alone.
  6. I think I have a little something of a cold. My throat is itchy and I feel a little off.
  7. We rearranged the bedroom so I could move my oversized chair in there for solitude studying. I really like what we did in there actually, it actually opened up the room a bit.

And lastly, my thankful post for 2014:

I’m thankful every single day.

For my family, for my friends, for my health, for my job.  I’m thankful for my country, for technology, I’m thankful for our distance from the sun and that our air is 70% nitrogen ;)

I’m thankful for everything in my life, even the less sunny moments because I’m thankful I learned from them.

I’m thankful for people of the past, the time and memories we had.

I’m thankful for people of my present.  They color my daily life, put up with my flaws, and they’re there for me when I need them. I hope I’m returning the favor regularly.

I can’t be thankful for people of the future because I don’t know if they’ll be thankworthy :P

That’s enough for this post. Thank you for reading my string of thankfulness. I’m thankful you’re here to read this :)

No collage this post.

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