Best Intentions

Things always begin with the best intentions. Here we are in November and I haven’t posted a single update. That isn’t to say I haven’t been writing, I just haven’t been finishing my posts! My BFF Anna has committed to posting a blog post EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. and it reminds me that I should at least post something once a week. Every Thursday night, while I’m working on HOMEWORK, I get a reminder to snooze for 24 hours asking what I blogged about this week.


Sometimes the best thing for me to do when I’m dragging my feet on something (the post) is to just spit out what I want to say:

I was accepted into RN school!

I couldn’t believe it, I was on the waiting list and heard nothing, then I found out I was on reserve and heard nothing. I had my plans all lined up to start school September 14 towards my Plan B, a Bachelor’s in Psychology, when I received the call Friday morning that if I could make it to campus by noon I would be in the nursing program. And on campus I made it, and I could call myself a nursing student :D

As you can imagine, I’ve been busy. Pathophysiology is kicking my butt, and learning the “fundamentals” for nursing school. One of which is care plans. They are not kidding when they say those will become the bane of your existence. Mostly, for me, because it seems so SIMPLE yet takes SO LONG! Despite that, I’ve loved my first 3 visits to the actual hospital. I have some deep-seeded issues with geriatrics (father’s illness) but the healer side of me dissolved those the second I started to meet the patients. I also have to add that the 54 students that will be my classmates for the next 2 quarters and 4 semesters have been amazing. While I haven’t had a chance to interact with every single one, the general impression this first quarter has been they’re all good people, and they’re all people I don’t mind spending the next three years among. They really scare you about the instructors, and while it hasn’t been EASY, it hasn’t been as devastating as feared (YET). My clinical instructor is great, my lecture instructors are excellent…. I’m just in a very happy place. SPEAKING of happy places, I had the HARDEST EXAM IN MY LIFE 2 weeks ago and I had not felt SO SAD in SO LONG. I surprised myself and actually did okay (though still not that great as I expected, because I thought I was prepared).

There’s just two more weeks of first quarter left, then finals and Thanksgiving, then 5 glorious weeks for Winter Break.  I have some websites I’ll be working on for my client, but mostly I will be unwinding through Fallout 4.  I’m thinking of setting up Twitch, but I’m just starting to look into that.

So there you go.  An overdue update :)

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