Powerball and Winning

You probably heard the news, I didn’t win the Powerball Jackpot. But wasn’t that FUN?

I know so many people that chose to play, whether it was part of an office pool, a single ticket, or MANY MANY tickets… Generally, it seems like the people I know had fun doing that, and I’m glad I know them, and that it seems like their friends willing to comment weren’t judgmental. And MAN aren’t people judgmental? Especially through their voice on the internet. For example, apparently living in California means you already have enough money and should not be playing Powerball and taking chances away from people that could use it (ie, the person making that comment).

Let me shut you down with a single image:

First thing I’d do if I won is hire a lawyer and a financial advisor.  I’d search my options with the lawyer to see if California will allow the money to be collected by a trust.  If not, since I know they have a public disclosure for the winner’s name, I’d do what “B. Raymond Buxton” did with his name, and I’d hide my face on the publicity photos behind the check like he did, too.  Or, you guys that know me, I’d probably do some goofy costume!  I’d also likely lockdown my social media accounts, and simply take some measures to make it a real pain in the ass to solicit me for money.  I’d probably give money to various charities from cancer to animals, even start my own rescue for both dogs and parrots.

I spent my breaks daydreaming on Wednesday while I studied for my Pharmacology exam.  I ended up timing myself, so 45 minutes of studying, 10 minutes of Zillow.  This is a pretty short entry so I wanted to show you my dream houses.  They really had two criteria:

  1. Large master shower
  2. Guest quarters because it is no fun moving to your dream area without your friends to visit.

Dream Home #1

[Zillow Link] Aside from the gorgeous architecture and personality flair, this house fulfills all my needs:  A view of San Francisco, beautiful green grounds, places to chill both inside and outside or hanging out to brunch on the patio… Bedrooms and bathrooms for Trey and Max, guest bedroom for visiting friends and a separate guesthouse with mini kitchen and fireplace for my mom.

Dream Home #2

[Zillow Link] I picked this home as second to bring it into San Francisco, this and #3 are pretty close, but there are certain things about this home that made me pick it for #2. This one stood out because of some of the personality. For one, it’s completely hidden from the street… the only thing you see from the street is the garage that is covered by vines. Then you take an elevator up to your home. The home has this massive, lovely fireplace that I think is amazing, and then the semi-levels to the house so there’s not too many stairs for my cranky knees. Trey would get the room used as a study, with patio access; Max would get the white corner room with its own bathroom; and my guests would stay in the blue bedroom with its own bathroom that is normally a master bathroom. If I opted for this house, I’d then add my mom’s own MIL quarters :)

Dream Home #3

[Zillow Link] This was the first house I picked out and it hung around #1 for a long time.  I love the details around all the windows, and the views are remarkable.  Every bedroom has an amazing view, so the kids picking their rooms would be the biggest challenge :P Not to mention the bottom level has a gym, full bathroom and sauna plus our guests would have their own room and in/out access via the garage.  This place isn’t suitable for my mom, too many stairs.

Dream Home #4

[Zillow Link] Okay, this home is a little awkward because it was my neighborhood best friend’s house!  Her family moved away and in Beetlejuice style the new owners gutted the house and redesigned it with a more modern chic style.  However, the structure is still there, and it is in a neighborhood in Moss Beach near Half Moon Bay that I loved!  This house has a living room and two bedrooms downstairs Trey and Max would use, then upstairs would have the master, guest bedroom and my mom :)

More Dream Homes

I could go on and on and I’m surprised you’re still reading this post!  Here are more favorites and why they stood out from others:

In the mountains viewing the bay with an asian flare

Really eccentric design, and I love that the guest quarters has two bedrooms so I could have multiple couples visiting!

HMB adorable beach house

Back in my favorite coastal town of Half Moon Bay, what I love most is the ocean-theme tile detail in this house.

Classic SF

All the rooms I need for living and having friends over :)  I think this house would have more done to the upstairs entertaining room to make it an apartment for my mom.


Fancy Pants Galore

This house was originally built in 1906! And has an elevator! I’d probably have parts of the old retained that make it historic, but find an interior decorator to help bring it forward to the present – by staying away from the pictured rugs!  I’d also convert both poolhouses to apartments for both guests and our own version of Kato Kaeling.  But…. Different outcome to that story of course.


On the water.

Right on the waters, nearly single level home.  It’s like something I’d build in the Sims.

The cool Californian house

This house is obviously rad.


I really like this house, actually.  I like that it is on the water with its own dock, and the ship-style touches are neat.  The full-mirror master bath would take some getting used to!


Who wouldn’t want to live in Saulsalito?

Another nice one in Saulsalito. I like the inside design and views, and I also like the additional building that I think could be restructured into a part gym, part guesthouse.

There’s more.. but that’s all I will mention.  I wouldn’t want anything humongous… and Chris wants to build his own, but I told him we’d build while living in one of these houses. 

But alas, I didn’t have the winning ticket, so I’ll keep working towards my RN license and a regular middle-class home :)

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