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It's a good funk.

I’ve been in a funk. And while I think that funks have their negatives… I actually feel like this is a good funk. It’s been a rather selfish funk, and I need it… maybe in my selfish funkish ways, feel I deserve it.

I feel like I’ve spent years chasing things.  You know, I was laid off from my job back in 2009 and that had never happened before. Now I had to find myself, and pursuing dreams and ideas is not a negative thing at all.

So I am not ready to get too deep about it, but I just wanted to think out loud about this funk.

I realized it Saturday morning when I had been planning on going out for a workout.  Mind you, I’ve been staying away from my workouts for the past 4 weeks because of my busted back.  While I had really wanted to go, I kinda didn’t.  The kids were at their dad’s and I had nothing pressing “due” on the weekend for once.  Honestly, I didn’t want to be around anyone.  Obviously, Chris was an exception, but in general I just wanted to be with myself.  I had ideas to get my web design site up and running again, and this site too.  It was gonna be ALL ABOUT ME.  And I liked it.

I get that way sometimes.  Infact, I spend most of my time alone.  I’m alone all morning, and I’ll sit here alone for hours all night (I should have been in bed over 2 hours ago).  It is simply the way I am, and that is fine.

There have been times, and will be other times, when I am lonely.  That time isn’t now though, right now.  I’m enjoying this funk.

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