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I was born in 1980.  A little ahead of my due date and in an emergency, too.  That was probably the last time I was early for anything, and it wasn’t like it was my choice anyway. I am half filipina.

One thing that really colored my childhood/life was moving.  My family moved ALOT, and it wasn’t because my parents were involved in some kind of witness protection, but rather my dad was a Marine and then he just kept accepting new jobs as we ventured to new places.

In the order of my residence:

  • Leavenworth, Kansas
  • Camp LeJeune, North Carolina
  • Fallbrook, California
  • Minden, Nevada
  • Moss Beach, California
  • Kailua, Hawaii
  • Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  • Bakersfield, California

Okay, someone snickered!  Yes, you’d think the locations were getting progressively more exotic, and I’d eventually end up in Belize living in a hut over water but instead we ended up in Bakersfield, California.  Despite living here since 1993, it still doesn’t feel like the place I’ve lived most my life.  But it is.  My dad had the opportunity to move us to Boston in 1995, but by this time I was nearly done with my first year in high school and I thought my world would end if I picked up and moved.  Silly teenagers!  But I have no regrets. But that’s for the present.

Here’s the past 16 years in a paragraph:

When  I graduated from high school my major at California State University, Bakersfield (CSUB) was to be a computer science engineer. The orientation for the program was so underwhelming (for me), almost immediately I changed it to Liberal Arts to become a teacher.  The first year of college was challenging after high school!  Stuff I’ll detail in my blog, but nonetheless I ended up quitting school before Fall of my college sophomore year to work full-time as a Web Designer. In 2002 I married, and later in 2002 I had my first son, Trey.  After Trey was born I went into business for myself in web design so I could stay home with baby.  Staying home I went stir-crazy, so I setup office inside my husband’s office.  In 2004 my second son, Max, was born.  My dad died from cancer at the end of 2005. In February 2006 I started working full-time for peanuts, and by September I had a decent job in an ad department at a car dealership. We started separation in late 2006 and filed for divorce in early 2007.  Chris and I started dating later in 2007.  I was laid off in 2009.  I went back to web design consulting, and also fitness coaching via juliefit.com. Chris and I married in 2010. Kiwi was adopted in September 2011… and now we’re at the


I’m a dork



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